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Files uploaded to or from servers use your Internet bandwidth to transfer files across networks at varying speeds. Every time you upload a file to your ISP you are surfing the web or using an audio application it is consuming bandwidth.

Bandwidth is the group of cables or fibers that connect the server to the network. Depending on the cable rate this determines the amount of data that passes through the network where your site is hosted. When someone tries to get more data than they can handle on the network the whole network slows down.

ISPs may limit bandwidth at certain times during peak hours or charge a flat monthly fee for bandwidth usage. If you use a flat rate you will be charged extra for using additional bandwidth. Some Internet service providers broadcast broadcasts until network traffic becomes more stable.

You can upload most of the files (audio files, images, Flash video clips and other programs) to the website. Of course this does not apply to banners and pop-ups and some documents and images which need to be downloaded from a central server.

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