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Jewelry made of cubic zirconia as opposed to diamonds

 Jewelry made of cubic zirconia as opposed to diamonds

Jewelry made of cubic zirconia as opposed to diamonds

When it comes to jewelry stones, diamonds have been a popular choice ever since they first acquired international attention in the 1830s.  Because not everyone can afford to buy diamonds, a long search has been conducted to find the best fake alternative.  These days, cubic zirconia is said to be the best artificial diamond that can be used in jewelry.

There are a number of reasons why some people decide against purchasing diamond jewelry.  First, there's the outrageous price, which some believe is the responsibility of the DeBeers diamond partnership.  Many people believe that the prices do not accurately reflect the rarity of diamonds.  Furthermore, studies have shown that deliberate modifications have been made to one-third of all diamonds sold in the US today in order to increase their value.  The same figures show that young couples are overspending by an average of 40% on an engagement ring made of diamonds.

Price is not the only reason why some people are no longer lured to diamond jewelry.  Apart from several other appalling breaches of human rights, there are the issues related to the alleged "blood diamonds" and the unnerving accounts of forced child labor.  The "red carpet" has been the focus of attention for popular celebs who have chosen to employ cubic zirconia stones in all of their jewelry items for the "Oscars" and other major celebrity events, instead of wearing diamonds.

When it comes to jewelry, a high-quality cubic zirconia is almost identical to mined diamonds.  Even some jewelers can't tell the difference between a cubic zirconia and a diamond without his gemologist's tool.  A piece of jewelry set with cubic zirconia is around 75% less expensive than a mine-cut diamond. 

The market today provides substitute synthetic diamonds for genuine diamonds that may be used in jewelry settings.  The mineral moissanite, a good alternative to diamonds in jewelry, was created in a lab.  It was introduced to the market in the 1990s.  These days, some prefer it for their exquisite jewelry collection.  Certain individuals prefer moissante to cubic zirconia.  There is a disadvantage even if the moissante mineral is as hard as diamond.  The moissante costs around $500 per carat and lacks the fire and brilliance of a diamond or a cubic zirconia.

The US jewelry industry has just recently seen the launching of the Diamond Nexus.  The Diamond Nexus is the result of a new scientific processing technique.  They make a fantastic substitute for mine-produced diamonds.  They possess all the qualities of a diamond, such as hardness, brilliance, and fire.  They are attractively priced at $79 per carat, but they are exclusively utilized in settings that involve precious metals.

Russia is home to cubic zirconias of the highest grade.  Jewelry is made from Russian cubic zirconia that has undergone superior cutting and polishing techniques.  Compared to mass-produced stones that are machine-cut with little polishing, stones polished by skilled cutting and polishing techniques have a much higher quality because to their heightened brilliance and fire.

When Russian cubic zirconias are used in jewelry, the finest raw stones are hand-selected, skillfully cut, and polished by hand.  The Gemological Institute of America has declared that all Russian cubic zirconias must meet the same standards as diamonds.

When experts compare Russian cubic zirconias to diamonds, they discover very little difference.  Experts must use advanced gemological tools to differentiate between a Russian cubic zirconia and a diamond.  Because Russian cubic zirconias disperse light more than diamonds do, they are more brilliant and have an abundance of fire.  

I think jewelry made of cubic zirconia is better than jewelry made of other imitation diamonds.

Facts About Jewelry with Cubic Zirconia

Jostens, a well-known manufacturer of class and Super Bowl rings, is reportedly working on a Fantasy Football ring.  The fantasy football players will now receive a Signet Fantasy Football Championship Ring as a prize for the price $99.00.  There are five different models available, with $309.00 being the highest starting price.  It is mentioned that the "Franchise IV" model, which contains 24 cubic zirconias and a base price of $309.00, features one 40-point cubic zirconia in the middle. A disclaimer underneath the description states that an upgrade is possible for an additional cost.  The upgrade will include a 40-point diamond set in a 14-karat white gold ring.  The approximate cost of the ring is $2000.00. Cheap!

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Minnie Driver, and Angelina Jolie have made it clear that they will only show up to red carpet events decked out in cubic zirconia fake diamonds.  As forced child labor is used in the mining process to get the so-called "blood diamonds," they are opposed to it.

The responsibility of creating the tiaras for the winners of Miss India-Universe, Miss India-World, and Miss India-Earth has fallen to a jeweler in Tumkur since 2004.  The proprietor claims that the finest colorful stones, diamonds, and cubic zirconias are used to make the tiaras, which are set in 22-carat gold.

Suzanne Somers, a former actress who is now a businesswoman, purchased the rights to a bracelet designed by Harry Winston.  The bracelet is probably going to fetch a million dollars because it is composed of diamonds.  Rather of charging $189 for it, she has instead used cubic zirconia to construct the exact same bracelet grid.

Both the stones themselves and jewelry constructed of cubic zirconia have grown in popularity.  There will be an increase in demand for cubic zirconia jewelry.  If they haven't seen it before, they will make it a point to look for it on their next shopping trip. As soon as they see the beauty of the cubic zirconia set in exquisite gold, sterling silver, or platinum, their eyes will enlarge in wonder.   They are going to They will be totally captivated by the price tag.

When they see the range of cubic zirconia jewelry options accessible to customers, they will be making lists for gifts or maybe buying something for themselves.  The options accessible to consumers are significantly more when cubic zirconias are offered in colorful stones as opposed to white ones.  They will resemble that person's birthstone.  Birthstone rings were formerly quite popular, and I don't think people are any less interested in them.

Comparing the price of cubic zirconia to some other goods that are rather pricey is like taking a breath of fresh air.  Costs will become increasingly important to people.  The public already demands the best value for their money, but I believe that in the future, cubic zirconia jewelry will become far more common than jewelry made with diamonds and some other costly stones.  People are always looking for a good deal, and I believe that cubic zirconia jewelry may be purchased at a great price by everyone.

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