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my minimalist house


my minimalist house

All the blessings and graces are here in our homes. Wherever you go you will return home. But do we know the origin of the house?

Banten Tribune--.. Our house is better... All help and gifts: Performance... That's all.... Our house... Our house...

This excerpt from the song from the album GodBless narrated by Kribo Ahmad Albari was very popular in the 80s.

A song that implies that a house doesn't have to be luxurious. Because if the palace house belongs to someone else you won't feel at home

Hi, 3 times boarding room design, complete with cost details and links, firstly, for the floor, I used vinyl carpet flooring, the price is Rp. 25,000 m. you can also put decorations on it there are also here for pasting like announcements or maybe small notes like that huh stikynot and there is a rasfur fur rug the price is 60,000 this is really soft

 I also have a lot of them at home and these are minimalist chairs 260 2006 really modern the chairs are good the total is already 825 That's all and this is for the book truck the price is 200 85,000 you guys later I'll give this to Sophie all right Deck, here's a box of clothes so I don't use the cupboard to save money, use the cigarette box

You buy it in stores, you just have to paint it gray according to the color of the room, there are curtains. The price is 37,000. I will give you a wall shelf for 13,000 for 22 pieces, so a total of 26 notes of coffee table

To put it like a cell phone and so on later if you sleep next to it the books and so on and on the right a week to the right it's a hexagonal shelf 10,000 I chose it I bought four To put the decoration there which is white in color so it contrasts with the walls and the important thing is that there is a mirror the floor costs 130,000, the rope is already 1.4 million and the last one added is also for your box of goods I'm sure you have stuff so it's tidy So ​​you have to have 64 inches of your stuff in the room and the total is 1.5 million 1120, just 1.5 million Have you got this seating room as good as this with a black n white theme, yes, the monochrome theme, I mean

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